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                      INDEX SECTION "A"   Local Societies


A1.1                Addlestone Historical Society News
A1.2                Constitution of the Addlestone Historical Society (2 copies)
A1.3                Addlestone Historical Society, Minutes of the first General Meeting, 11th September 1984
A2.3                Addlestone Historical Society, Agenda of the first Annual General Meeting, 4th June 1985



INDEX SECTION "B"  Borough of Runnymede


B1                  Annual Reports
B2                  Runnymede Voice (issues from last 12 months held)
B3.1               RBC "Runnymede Roundabout", Mini Arts Festival programme. 1990
B3.2               Runnymede Planning handbook. 1990
B3.4               Runnymede Borough Official Guide, 1993
B3.5               Runnymede Borough Official Guide, 1995


INDEX SECTION "C"   County of Surrey


C1                  Surrey Local History Council Magazine, "Surrey History" (issues from last 12 months)
C2                  Surrey County Council Bulletin, "Surrey Matters" (issues from the last 12 months)
C3.1               "A change for the better", Submission to the local Government Commission by the Surrey Districts. 1994
C3.2               "Policing Surrey". Summary by Surrey Police Authority, 2008/9




INDEX SECTION "D" British Association for Local History

D1                  Local History News (issues from the last 12 months)
D2                  The Local Historian (issues from the last 12 months)
D3.1               Eviction and reclaimation in WW1: the case of a Worcestershire farm. 1999 (E)
D3.2               The development of Friendly Societies in 19th century Surrey. 2005 (E)
D3.3               War Memorials and local history: the UK national inventory of War Memorials.2001 (E)
D3.4               Recording War Memorials in Northumberland. 1996 (E)
D3.5               The national inventory of War Memorials. 1990 (E)
D3.6               Local history at the National Monuments Record. 2004 (E)
D3.7               Medieval feet of fines: a study of their uses with a catalogue of published sources.1994 (E)
D3.8               Researching early 19th century cemeteries: sources and methods. 1998 (E)
D3.9               English church courts and their records.2008 (E)
D3.10             Letters of imperishable gold": lists of names in the experience and commemoration of the Great War. 2008 (E)

(E)                  denotes a printed extract from categories D1 and D2





E1.1 "Addlestone Town Trail" by Bill Derrett, published by The Addlestone Historical Society, 1986
E1.2 "Addlestone Town Trail", based on the original compiled by Bill Derrett and published by Addlestone Historical Society, 1992
E1.2a "Addlestone Town Trail" as above, third edition published 2002
E1.3 "Addlestone in the 1880’s" compiled by B.F.J. Pardoe, Chertsey Historical Group, Paper No.3, March, 1974
E1.4 "50th Anniversary of the Dedication of St. Augustine’s Church, Addlestone" Order of Service, 1989
E1.5 "St. Paul’s Church Addlestone", Guide and History, 1988 (3 copies)
E1.6 "Coxes Lock Mill" notes by Stan Eaves, undated
E1.7 "Air-Road-Sea Addlestone - The Bleriot-Waymann-Plessey Works 1916-1988" by J.H. Rowe, undated (3 copies)
E1.8 "Swimming in Addlestone" – Addlestone Swimming Club, undated (2 copies)
E1.9 "St. Augustine’s School, Addlestone", by Jim Goddard, 1987
E1.10 "The Wandering Minstrel", A Life of Bryan Smith by June Smith, 1996
E1.11 "A Brass Heritage" 100 Years of Chertsey and Addlestone Village Bands by Vic & Jean Gale, 1993 (2 copies)
E1.12 "Addlestone Methodist Church, A history 1899 – 1999", undated (2 copies)
E1.13 "Chertsey & Addlestone in the Past" by H.J.M. Stratton, 1980 (2 copies)
E1.14 Part of Froggett’s 1825 Map of Addlestone and Surrounding Areas (3 photocopies
E1.15 Part of John Senex’ 1729 Map of Addlestone and Surrounding Areas (1 photocopy)
E1.16 Chertsey and Addlestone Area Hearth Tax Returns, 1664 and 1669
E1.17 1851 Census of Addlestone (44 photocopied sheets)
E1.18 Addlestone Community Association Gala Programme, 8th June 1991
E1.19 Addlestone Community Theatre Pamphlet (2 copies)
E1.20 "Sayes Court Addlestone – a history by David and Jocelyn Barker, 2002
E1.21 "The Crouch Oak Tree" by Pamela J Brush, Addlestone Historical Society
E1.22 "Addlestone and Chertsey Re-visited", by JL and DM Barker 1998
E1.23 "Marsh Lane Evangelical Church, Addlestone Surrey. A short history" by David Waterman, 1992
E1.24 "The Diary of Susan Harms" Reprinted from Surrey Life, January 1974 (E)
E1.25 "The Addlestone Arts Festival" Programme 2007
E1.26 "Local History at its Best" Newspaper cutting on a talk about the history of Addlestone, New Haw and Woodham, given by Iain Wakeford and Jim Knight. Pub. by The Walton Informer. (E)
E1.27 West Addlestone Residents' Association (WARA) Newsletter, Jan 2008. Concerns the number of houses planned for our area. (E)
E1.28 "Crouch Oak Saved" Newspaper article about the arson attack in September 2007. Pub. by Addlestone and Byfleet Review. (E)
E1.29 West Addlestone Residents Association (WARA) Newsletter, Jan 2009. Contains an article about Walton Leigh. (E)
E1.30 West Addlestone Residents Association (WARA) Newsletter, Jan 2010. Articles on the development of Franklands Drive and "Airtrack", the railway link to Heathrow. (E)
E1.31 Addlestone Community Association, Extension Project. 1989
E1.32 ACA Festival Programme. 2008

E2.2 "Some Recollection of Old Chertsey" by R.F. Canon, Chertsey Historical Group, Paper No.1
E2.3 "A History of the Catholic Church in Chertsey" by Peter Clapham, 1985 (3 copies)
E2.4 "A messuge… Called Le Bell", Report on the Bell Public House, Guildford Street, Chertsey by Client & Consultancy Services, 1993 (?)
E2.5 "De Cartularis Pro Abbatia Sancti Petri Ad Insulam Ceroti" being an analysis of the charters for St. Peter’s Abbey at Cherot’s eyot by S.A. Spencer, 1989
E2.6 "St. Peter’s Hospital Chertsey – Past and Present"
E2.7 "Romance Tiles of Chertsey Abbey" by Lucy Wheeler, 1913
E2.8 "A Chertsey Camera", Historic Photographs of Chertsey, Ottershaw, Lyne and Longcross by D.M. & J.L. Barker, 1992
E2.9 "Register of the Protestant Dissenters’ Chapel, Chertsey, 1757-1865" by J.L. Barker, 1996
E2.10 "A Chertsey Poetricall Tale" by Pamela J. Brush, 1998 (3 copies)
E2.11 "The Great Flood of 1894" by R. Trett, Chertsey Historical Group, Paper No.2, July, 1973
E2.12 "The Abbey Fishponds", Historical Information Notice No.5 published by Runnymede Borough Council
E2.13 "A History of Hamm Court Farm" compiled by Morag E. Barton, M.A. 1972
E2.14 Chertsey Museum Programme, 1990
E2.15 Chertsey & District Directory – 1953 on microfiche, West Surrey Family History Society
E2.16 "From Just a Humble Ginger Beer Bottle" A family history that begins with a baker in Egham and leads to a succession of chemist shop owners in Chertsey. Published by Ron Sims and David Rose 2002
E2.17 "Chertsey Bridge 200th Year Programme" 9 June 1985. Forward by Victor Spink
E2.18 "Historic Chertsey" A guided walk (2nd edition) by James Lander & Geoff Chapman
E2.19 "Costume in Chertsey Museum, 1700 - 1800"
E2.20 "Chertsey Abbey, a guided walk" Produced by Chertsey Museum
E2.21 Send and Ripley Historical Society articles on Chertsey. 1987
E2.22 "Revitalising Chertsey", Runneymede Borough Council and Brixton Estates, November 1991
E2.23 "The lost abbey of Chertsey". "Surrey Life" article, June 1973. (E)
E2.24 "Chertsey at the crossroads". "Surrey Life" article, June 1973 (E)

E3.1 "Echoes of Egham" including Egham Hythe and Thorpe Lea by D.M. & J.L. Barker, 1995
E3.2 "The Egham Picture Book" by Dorothy Davis, undated (3 copies)
E3.3 "Thomas Holloway, Victorian Philanthropist" by Anthony Harrison-Barbet. 1993
E3.4 "Victorian Taste" The complete catalogue of paintings at The Royal Holloway College.
E3.5 "The Price of Beauty", Edwin Long’s "Babylonian Marriage Market" at The Royal Holloway College
E3.6 "Egham, birthplace of freedom". "Surrey Life article, July 1972 (E)

E4.1 "Ottershaw Reflections", Memories of my Early Life in the Village, by Margaret Croxford, April 1996 (Second copy revised June 1996)
E4.2 "Christ Church, Ottershaw", History and Guide, compiled by D.C.S. David, 1989
E4.3 "Ottershaw Through The Ages" by H.J.M. Stratton, 1990

E5.1 "Runnymede" A Pictorial History by Richard Williams, 1995
E5.2 "Pageant of Runnymede", 9th June to 16th June, 1934, booklet based on original programme by Egham-by-Runnymede Historical Society, 1984
E5.3 "A Guide to the Industrial History of Runnymede", by John Mills, Surrey Industrial History Group, 1991 (2 copies)
E5.4 Borough of Runnymede Civic Service, Sunday 19th July 1992, Order of Service

E6.1 "Surrey Through the Century 1889-1989" by David Robinson, undated (2 copies)
E6.2 "Surrey of One Hundred Years Ago" by Aylwin Guilmant, 1993
E6.3 "Surrey", The King’s England series by Arthur Mee, 1966
E6.4 "A History of Surrey" by Peter Brandon, 1977 (2 copies)
E6.5 "Highways and Byways in Surrey" by Eric Parker, 1935 and 1950 (2 copies)
E6.6 "A History of Surrey" by Henry Elliot Malden, M.A., 1977
E6.7 "Surrey – a Photographic Record 1850 – 1920, by John Janaway 1984
E6.8 "Surrey at Work in Old Photographs" by Chris Shepheard. 1992
E6.9 "Surrey Murders", by John Janaway, 1988
E6.10 "Surrey at War 1939-1945" by Bob Ogley, 1995
E6.11 "In and out of Churches" with particular reference to Surrey, Part 1 by J.C.M. Blatch, 1972 (2 copies)
E6.12 "In and out of Churches" with particular reference to Surrey, Part 2 by J.C. Mervyn Blatch
E6.13 "Pastors, Parishes and People in Surrey", by David Robinson, 1989
E6.14 "Christopher Howkins’ Doorstep Book, featuring North West Surrey", 1982
E6.15 "Christopher Howkins’ Royal Tapestry – Some Royal Connections with West Surrey", 1985
E6.16 "Hidden Surrey", by Christopher Howkins, 1987
E6.17 "Seen in Surrey – People and Places", by Christopher Howkins, 1993
E6.18 "Surrey" by Eric Parker. Undated
E6.19 "Antiquities of Surrey" Surrey County Council, 1965
E6.20 "Wandering in Surrey" by William T Palmer. Undated but after 1945.
E6.21 "The Surrey Hills" by F E Green, 1915
E6.22 "Surrey Place-names" Gavin Smith. 2005
E6.23 "Tales of Old Surrey" by Matthew Alexander, 1985
E6.24 "Old Surrey Remembered" by Nicolette Heaton Harris, pub 1998
E6.25 "The Surrey Weather Book" by Mark Davison and Ian Currie, pub. 1991
E6.26 "The Surrey Weather Book" by Mark Davison and Ian Currie, pub. 2000
E6.27 "Owen Manning, William Bray and the writing of Surrey's County History". article from Surrey Arch. Soc. Collections, Vol 92, 2005. (E)

E7.1 "The Thames in Story" by Kathleen Fidler, 1971
E7.2 "Along the Thames" Britain in Old Photographs by Brian Eade, 1997
E7.3 "Up and Down the River" Bennet’s map and ABC guide to the River Thames, 1906
E7.4 "The Thames to the Solent, by canal and sea" by J. B. Dashwood, 1980. First pub. 1868

E8.1 "Walton-on-Thames and Weybridge – A Dictionary of Local History" by G.B. Greenwood, 1983
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E8.3 "Oatlands Palace" by J.W. Lindus Forge, 1982
E8.4 "Inns and Taverns of Walton and Weybridge" by A.G. Martin, 1974
E8.5 "St. George’s Hill, Weybridge" by Michael E. Blackman, Walton and Weybridge Local History Society, Paper No.25, 1988
E8.6 A Short History of Weybridge" by M.E. Blackman and J.S.L. Pulford, Walton & Weybridge Local History Society, Paper No.29, 1991
E8.7 "Raiders Overhead" The Bombing of Walton and Weybridge by Stephen Flower, 1994
E8.8 "Oatlands Park Hotel" A History produced by Oatlands Park Hotel
E8.9 "Gerrard Winstanley in Elmbridge" by David C. Taylor, 2000
E8.10 "A Window on Weybridge including St. George’s Hill and Oatlands" by D.M. & J.L. Barker, 1993
E8.11 "Brooklands, Weybridge" The Excavation of an Iron Age and Medieval Site1964-65 and 1970-71 by Rosamond Hanworth and D.J. Tomalin, Research Volume of the Surrey Archaeological Society No.4, 1977
E8.12 "The Spirit of Brooklands" Brochure
E8.13 Monographs of Walton and Weybridge Local History Society ( Red ring binder)
3. Edward Hughes Ball Hughes and his connection with Oatlands
4. Walton Trade Token Issuers of the 17th Century: Introduction
4a. Walton Trade Token Issuers of the 17th Century
4b Walton Trade Token Issuers of the 17th Century
4c Walton Trade Token Issuers of the 17th Century
5. City Posts in and around Walton and Weybridge
6. The Hearth Tax in Weybridge in 1664
7. The church of St Charles Borromeo, Weybridge
8. Notes on the purchase of Oatlands by the Duke of York
9. Some Indications from the Apprenticeship Records for N.W. Surreu, 1711-1731
10. Alterations at Oatlands in 1830
11. Notes on the Administration of the Early Poor Law by the Parish of Walton-on-Thames. (in 2 parts)
12. Customs of the Manors of Walton Leigh & Walton Thames
13. Oatlands Park and the Herbert family 1660-1716
14. Weybridge Poor’s Land Charity
15. Association Oath Rolls 1696
16. The King’s flock at Oatlands
17. Walton-on-Thames church rate list 1761
18. The dog’s cemetery, Oatlands
19. Enlightened Weybridge – An account of the late 19th century electricity undertaking in Weybridge
20. Rental of the manor of Walton Leigh, 1649
21. An account of "Spade allotments" at Walton-on-Thames in 1843
22. Orders in council 1830 – 1883 (Elmbridge District)
23. An account of the Electricity undertakings supplying Weybridge and Walton-on-Thames, 1900 – 1925
24. The French royal tombs at Weybridge
25. Marriage licences 1673 –1770 (Walton-on-Thames)
26. St George’s Hill
27. Royal associations of Walton and Weybridge 1857 – 1978
28. Lady Lewis’ grocery book, 1900 – 1901
29. Edward Power – Founder of the dental instrument factory at Walton-on-Thames
30. Major-General John Orfleur
31. Vanbrugh and Walton-on-Thames
32. Cecil Milton Hepworth, Pioneer in Cinematography at Walton-on-Thames
35. Public Transport in and through Walton-on-Thames
36. The Walton-on-Thames Fire Brigade 1875-1932 (2 copies)
37. The Inwood Family of Cobham, Walton-on-Thames and Weybridge in the 17th Century (2 copies)
38. The Vicarage at Walton-on-Thames in the 19th and 20th Centuries (2 copies)
39. The "Weybridge Estate" of the Conservative Land Society
40. The Story of Benjamin Scott, 1814-1892 (2 copies)
41. The Early History of Brooklands, Weybridge (2 copies)
43. The Early History of the London and South Western Railway in Relation to Walton and Weybridge
44. Weybridge Congregational Church: 2nd Phase 1890-1918 (2 copies)
45. Orchard House, otherwise Wells’ or Brice’s House, Weybridge: Home of Admiral Sir Thomas Hopson
46. Weybridge and Oatlands British School 1871-1907
47. The Metropolitan Convalescent Institution, Walton-on-Thames (Ellesmere Hospital)
48 A Survey of Post Office Letter Boxes in Walton and Weybridge
49. W.G. Tarrant and Ellesmere Road, St. George’s Hill
50. A History of App’s Court, Walton-on-Thames
51. Weybridge Congregational Church between the Wars, 1919-1939
52. TOC H, Weybridge Branch, 1926-1984
53. Clinton House, Weybridge, formerly Colomb’s House – once the Home of Mary Ann Clarke, Mistress of the Duke of York
55. The 2nd Earl of Portmore and Tilshead Lodge
56. Walton Grove, formerly The Parsonage, Walton-on-Thames
57. Holly Lodge, Walton-on-Thames
58. Auxiliary & Military Hospitals in Weybridge and Walton during the First World War
59. Sir Bulstrode Whitelocke – His connections with Hersham, Surrey and Tregaron, Cardiganshire, involving Sir Richard Pryse of Gogerddan, William Lilly and Carleton Whitelocke of Hersham, Surrey
61 Burwood House, Hersham
62. Pineapple Growing in Weybridge
63. The Life and Times of Walter Baptist Money – Rector of St. James’s, Weybridge and First-Class Cricketer. Part One
63. The Life and Times of Walter Baptist Money – Rector of St. James’s Weybridge and First-Class Cricketer. Part Two
65. A History of Hersham Working Men's Club & Village Hall
66. Heath House Schools 1909-1976
68. History of Eddlewood, Queen's Road, Weybridge, 1885 - 2006
69. Barham Lodge - House and School, 149, Oatlands Drive, Weybridge
70. Walton, Weybridge and the Saxon Charters

E8.14 "Burwood Park, Hersham" by Michael E Blackman, Walton and Weybridge Local History Society. Paper no.30, 1996
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(Juan Floris, perfumier). "Surrey Life" November 1973 (E)
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E9.4 "A Heritage Walks Guide to A Brief History of Newark Priory" by Iain Wakeford, 1999 (2 copies)
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E9.6 "An Introduction to Brookwood Cemetery" by John Clarke 1992
E9.7 "Woking" Published by S E Steer, Woking. Various photographs, undated
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E10.2 Garden History, the Journal of the Garden History Society, Vol.VIII, No.1
E10.3 "Fairest Scenes" Five Great Surrey Gardens by Michael Symes, undated, (2 copies)
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E10.5 Painshill Park Trust Newsletter, No.6
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E10.9 "A Garden Reappears" Restoration of Painshill Park, Surrey by Giles Worsley reprinted from "Country Life" 11th September 1986 (2 copies)
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E10.11 Maps of Painshill Park and its Location, photocopied 1989
E10.12 Painshill – The Background, undated photocopy
E10.13 The Waterwheel, Pains Hill, Cobham, Surrey, by J. Kenneth Major, 1st June 1981
E10.14 Restoring an Eighteenth Century Landscape Garden," by Mary Keen, reprinted from "The Garden", Vol.110, part 12th December 1985
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E10.20a "Painshill Park Waterwheel Worksheet" Suggested activities for a group visit
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