Addlestone Town Trail
Baptist Church and Churchill House (The Railway Arms / The Magnet / Station House)

Baptist Church
The Magnet, 1988
The Magnet sign
The Station House, 2001
The Station House Site, 2011

The first Baptist church was built here in 1840 to replace one believed to have existed in Prairie Road from 1812. The present building dates from 1872. Note the foundation stone laid by the Rev. Spurgeon.

Churchill House now stands on the site of "The Railway Arms" public house which opened in the 1850's but was known as "The Magnet" by 1870. For a long time the pub sign was a horseshoe shaped magnet. This was replaced by a picture of Billy Bunter when "The Magnet" comic became popular.

In the 1990's the name changed to "The Station House", with a sign depicting a steam train, a reflection of its original name. The Station House eventually closed and was unoccupied for several years leading up to its demolition.

Churchill House - a new residential development began shortly after demolition of The Station House and was completed in 2011.

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