Addlestone Town Trail
The Crouch Oak

The Crouch Oak
The Millennium Oak

This is one of Britain's oldest trees, possibly indicating a boundary of Windsor Forest. Its name comes from either its low, crouching form or from a crutch holding up a main branch or from a cross placed on it as a marker. For long known as Wycliffe's Oak - after the medieval scholar reputed to have preached here - it was definitely the scene of a sermon by Spurgeon in 1872. Another tradition is that Queen Elizabeth I picnicked here. It was fenced c1810 by de Visme to prevent village maidens stripping the bark to make a love potion! In 2000 a young oak, known as the Millennium Oak, was planted near it; in 2001 a large branch was pruned by Runnymede Council and the wood given to the Historical Society, who obtained an "Awards for All" grant to do tree-ring analysis and other research into the tree. This has revealed that the central ring of this branch was formed in 1670 and so the main (but hollow) trunk is very much older.

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