Addlestone Town Trail
Aviator Park

Hangar/paint shop in course of demolition
Plessey's main entrance
Aviator Park 2011

From Taxi rank next to the station, take footpath north-west, parallel to the railway. From here parts of the 1916 Bleriot Aeroplane Factory could be seen, until it was demolished in 2001. The higher building was the hangar, later the paint shop. After World War I the factory made the Bleriot-Whippet Cycle-Car, Eric Longden small car and various light aircraft. Weymanns Motor Bodies from 1925 completed buses, ambulances and, later on, military vehicles. In the late 1960s, after Caddy (coachbuilders of Chertsey), Plessey leased the site and developed it. The buildings were demolished in 2001 for the construction of Aviator Park.

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